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Friday, August 16, 2013

Chicken Fajita Pizza

A few months ago, the siren song of a Costco sampler pulled us in to try some Chicken Fajita Pizza.  I forget the brand name.  But, the sample was delicious and the Costco business model was confirmed: we ended up with a box in our cart.  The pizza was a very thin, tortilla like crust.  The sauce was enchilada in nature.  The cheese was Monterrey jack with grilled chicken, onion, and green pepper toppings.  But, why buy frozen when you can make fresh?  So, we decided to try and recreate at home.

The day before, I made a batch of enchilada sauce from a recipe that I found on the web.  Here is the recipe.  My only substitution was olive oil for the lard.  After a two hour cook down, I cooled and placed in the refrigerator for use the next day.  The finger test told me that I have a nice base sauce for future experimentation.  But, I digress.

The next day, I made a simple marinade for two, boneless chicken breasts:

1 Tsp of Stubbs Chile Lime Rub
Juice of 1 lime
Enough olive oil to become flowable

Into a plastic bag with the chicken for a four hour marinade:

After the marinade, I fired up the grill.  When ready, I carefully grilled the breasts till an internal temperature of 155 F, then I wrapped in foil to rest until ready for use:

Meanwhile, Hope made a batch of homemade pizza dough.  When complete, she spread the dough on a pan, then layered with a thin coat of the enchilada sauce, a thin sprinkling of queso blanco, a layer of Kraft Four Cheese Mexican, sweet onion and green pepper with a small dice, and the chicken breast, diced small.

The pizza went on the top rack of our Stumps Stretch at 425 F.  After 10 minutes, the pie was rotated 180 degrees and allowed to cook 10 more minutes (20 minutes total).  Then, the pizza was brought inside, allowed to cool for five minutes, then sliced.  Here is the final product:

This chicken fajita pizza was very close to what we had purchased from Costco.  The dough was thin and crisp.  The onion and pepper still had some crunch and the chicken was grilled to perfection with a great taste.  The only thing I would do different in the future is to add a bit more sauce, but not much more.  This pie has become a new family favorite.

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  1. Once again you have dazzled me another great idea. I think you could serve me a cardboard sandwich and make it taste fantastic.

  2. I was contacted by the KC Steak company by e-mail. They said the steaks are wet-aged up to 28 days. It worked because we really enjoyed them.

    1. Glad you liked the pizza. It is very good and a new family favorite. Thanks for the heads up on the steak. I may have to give them a look...