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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Country Style Ribs

For our next competition, we have to prepare an "Anything Wrapped in Bacon" entry.  After some thinking, I thought, what better to wrap in bacon than pork.  So, we bought some country style pork ribs this past weekend and experimented.

First, I trimmed any bone, gristle, and excess fat away from my ribs.

Then, I marinaded for about five hours in a bottle of Stubbs Pork Marinade.  Stubbs pork has a nice blend of vinegar, citrus, chili, and mustard seed.  I really like this marinade when I grill pork steaks.

After the marinade, I sprinkled both sides liberally with Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork and Chicken Rub.

Then, I wrapped in bacon.

Then, onto a 350 F smoker with peach and hickory in the ash pan.  Here they are after 45 minutes.

Then, I dunked in a mix of Blues Hog Regular, Blues Hog Tennessee Red, honey, and apple juice.  Then, back on the smoker for 15 more minutes to set the glaze.

How were they?  Well, the meat was tender.  But, the Stubbs marinade does not play well with the BBQ sauce.  The tasters that I had on the side that were just rub and marinade were good.  But, for this competition, I believe we will be leaving the marinade behind.

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  1. I would be a happy judge to get those. We have judging duties the next three weekends.

  2. Chilebrown, do you prefer to judge or cook?

  3. Hands down judge. I cook at home and Ms. Goofy is enough of a critic.

  4. While we agree that judging brings the fun of BBQ without the hassle, I think we lean towards competition. We can't wait to get to our next one...