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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Oinktoberfest 2017

Last weekend, the Three Dogs roadshow pack up and headed to Clarence, NY for our final contest of 2017, Oinktoberfest.  This was one final chance for a good showing in an already successful 2017.  This was our first time back to the Oink after a two year layoff.  Traditionally, the weather here has either been rainy, cold, or cold and rainy.  This weekend was very strange in the weather category.  Hot, sunny, and humid.  Not your standard weather for Western NY in late September.

I am happy to say that the weekend was a success.  For the first time, we won the chicken category and placed 6th in ribs, 7th in pork, and 18th in brisket for an 6th place overall.

Congrats to Shortsville Smokers our GC and to Smokin Boys and Hot Grills, our RGC.

That is it for our 2017 season.  Thanks to Royal Oak Charcoal for keeping the smoke rolling.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive season review in the coming weeks.

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