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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Restaurant Review: Bar Symon.

Full disclosure: Michael Symon is my favorite Iron Chef, hands down.  I like his style, I like what he cooks, I like how he carries himself.  That being said, he may be a huge arse in person.  But, for now I like him.

So, you can imagine being the business traveller that I am how happy I was that he was going to open a chain of restaurants targeting the business traveller market in airports.  Pittsburgh was lucky enough to get one and I have been lucky enough to be catching flights at lunch time.  So, lets review.

The establishments are well thought out with plenty of seating room and pathways to roll your carry on between the tables.  The bar is well stocked with a nice selection of domestic and local bottled beer, as well as a nice selection of draft microbrews.

The menu is a comfort food heaven.  They have several types of fries and pastas that can be combined with various types of meats: pulled pork, grilled chicken, and sausage come to mind.  Sandwiches are available as well.

For my first visit, I settled with fries smothered with southern sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and chopped scallions.

The fries were crispy, and the sausage gravy was perfect.  I consider myself a master of sausage gravy and biscuits.  Let me tell you something, this was perfect.  Spicy breakfast sausage mixed with a creamy gravy base.  The scallions bring it all together.  Also, the portion size was right on.  Just enough to get you to your next meal, no so much to leave you feeling bloated in a cramped coach seat.

For my second visit, I had an American Classic: Mac and Cheese with a basic cheddar cheese sauce.

The pasta was a perfect al dente, the cheese sauce was bursting with cheddar cheese flavor, and the dish was covered with just the right amount of toasted bread crumbs.  My only issue was the rue.  It was a bit grainy, but no so much so to detract from the experience.  Not every chef can bring their A game all the time.

Top it off with reasonable pricing (as airport pricing goes) and very friendly service from the staff, Bar Symon should be on your bucket list on your next airport layover.

Overall grade: A.  no A+ due to the grainy rue.  I can't wait for my next visit.

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  1. Have not made it to the movie yet but looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.