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Monday, July 18, 2016

Garlic Lovers Grilling Sauce

A couple of weeks ago as I was scrolling through my Flipboard feed, I saw this tasty looking garlic grilling sauce posted from the Date Night Doins website.  I clicked on the link and I instantly liked what I saw.  Four simple ingredients; garlic, canola oil, lemon juice, and salt are combined to make a sauce that you can brush on meats and veggies while grilling for a nice garlicky glaze.  So, Hope whipped up a half batch and we started experimenting.

Here is the recipe from their website.  The process is quite simple.  Remove the garlic cloves from their skin, turn to a paste along with the salt in a food processor, then slowly add the oil and lemon juice to form a thick emulsion.

Our half batch made about one pint, plus a little more.  As you can see, the sauce is quite thick.  To start, I brushed some on a steelhead fillet and seasoned with some salt and pepper.

Next, I grilled the fillet over indirect heat to promote caramelization of the sauce.

With the slow grilling, the garlic had that mellow, sweet flavor that you get with roasted garlic.  Pretty tasty stuff.

We have used the sauce as a base for a white pizza that worked very well.  I also seasoned the sauce with basil and oregano and brushed on some grilled chicken that turned out perfect.  I would venture to guess that you could use this sauce as a base for some garlic bread or perhaps a seafood scampi dish.  Needless to say, this sauce is very good.  We will be keeping some of this in our refrigerator at all times.  More to come in the future as we experiment further with this great find.

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