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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Product Review - Hot Grips Silicone Rubber BBQ Gloves

Pure impulse buy.  That is all that I have to say for myself.  I was tooling through Facebook one evening and saw an introductory offer for these gloves from Hot Grips for $9.99 ($12.49 after shipping).  I have many pairs of silicone heat resistant gloves.  Some are in mitt form and some are gloves.  While they work well for heat resistance, they are not so good with slippage as they are not textured.  I have dropped a pork butt or two in my time.  So, I heard the sirens call and ordered mine to try out with some ribs I was making that upcoming weekend.  By that Friday, my package had arrived and by Saturday the testing began.

As an added bonus, they even enclosed a handy little silicone sauce brush.

According to their product claims on Amazon, these gloves are heat resistant up to 425 F, fit almost any hand, are slip resistant providing a strong grip, and are dishwasher friendly.  Let's move on and put these gloves through the paces.

1.  Strong grip and flexible.  Check.  They passed the flexibility test.  I was able to make a fist with no problem.

2.  Slip resistant.  These gloves are textured with little heart shaped dimples, allowing you to handle your BBQ with tender loving care.

Between the flexibility of the glove and the slip resistance of the dimples, I was able to handle hot racks of ribs and full pork butts with no issues.  No slips.  No searing pain on my finger tips from gripping large hunks of smoked meat.

3.  One size fits most.  Very true.  I do not have the biggest hands in the world.  I would say they are averaged sized.  I cannot palm a basketball.  Nor can I properly grip a regulation NFL football inflated to mandated league pressure.  They did not slide off easily.  If you have an above average sized hand, you might get by.  If you have big meat hooks, taking these gloves off might be like trying to pull on over the shoe galoshes.

4.  Heat resistance.  As advertised.  No issues at all with heat.

5.  Fine motor skills.  Taking foil off of a half steamer pan was a bit of an issue.  After 30 seconds of futility, I removed the gloves and took the foil off bare handed.

6.  Dishwasher safe.  Yes, they are.  I made sure to get these gloves all slopped up with grease, BBQ sauce, and BBQ pit mojo.

I ran the gloves through a standard wash cycle in our dishwasher.  The grease and sauce came right off as expected.  The BBQ pit mojo, not so much.  There were some minor smudges of mojo remaining.

Overall, I would recommend these gloves for your BBQ arsenal.  Especially if you can pick them up for $9.99.  They performed as advertised, just lacking a bit in the clean up category due to the residual mojo remaining on the glove after cleaning.  But, if you have larger hands than most, you may want to consider skipping this purchase.

Just a quick review on the sauce brush.  It is very good for detail work on your BBQ.  It holds a nice amount of sauce and I did not detect any brush marks that could take away from your appearance scores.

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  1. I would buy a pair at that price.These gloves would come in handy for a competition when you are handling a lot of meat. I have some sort of heat resistant special gloves. They are in a drawer some were. I use my BBQ Buttla mostly.

    1. Chilebrown, they are a nice addition. I do like how they are flexible and allow for non slip control. Do I like them enough to pay full price ($19.99)? No.