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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Product Review - Yeungling Lager BBQ Sauce

Years ago, Yenugling Brewing offered a line of sauces that were pretty good.  One was what was billed as a lager sauce and the other two were a hot and mild wing sauce.  I liked all three of them.  The lager sauce was like a thin finishing sauce for BBQ meats.  The wing sauces were good as well.  But, unfortunately, they mysteriously disappeared from the grocery store shelves.  I tried to recreate the lager sauce and came pretty close.  But, it wasn't the same.  A few weeks ago as I was cruising the BBQ section at the store, I saw that Yeungling sauces are back on the market.  This time, with the two wing sauces and a new BBQ sauce in place of the lager sauce.  So, I picked up a bottle of the BBQ and ran home to give it a try.

As you can see from the label, it really does contain Yeungling lager, although it is halfway down the ingredient list.  I opened the bottle a gave this new sauce the finger test.  Somewhat sweet, somewhat tart, this sauce does have a nice balance.  Did I taste beer?  Yeah, a bit.  Not overpowering and perhaps I would have liked a bit more of that malty flavor.  For the true test, I made some pulled chicken and sauced the meat for some chicken sandwiches.

I brined a fryer overnight and lightly seasoned with Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork and Chicken rub, then smoked with pecan at 350 F until 160 F internal.  About two hours.

I placed in a pan and tightly covered with foil to rest for 30 minutes before pulling.

After pulling, I lightly sauced the pulled chicken with about 1/3 cup of the sauce.  We served on white buns with diced onion and dill pickle chips.  How was it?  Well, the reincarnation of the Yeungling lager sauce as a BBQ sauce is ok.  Compared to other bottled BBQ sauces, this offering is slightly above average.  But, when compared to their thinner lager sauce from the past, it is a bit lacking.  The past sauce had more of a vinegar bite and malty flavor.  The new product is sweeter and lacks a malty backbone.  I will buy more in the future. But, if there is another sauce that catches my eye, I just might try something else as well.

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  1. You are such a good cook, I bet the chicken would taste good with ketchup. This sauce and beer is an East Coast item. I doubt we will see it around here. Slightly above average is not a good marketing term.There are a lot of bbq sauces on the market.

    1. Well, ketchup is pushing it. But, this pulled chicken makes a killer chicken salad.