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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Quench your Holiday Thirst. A Beer for the Season. Part Two.

Our next holiday brew is my holiday favorite.  Today we will review St. Nikolaus Bock from Penn Brewery.

Penn Brewery is a local award winning brewery in the Pittsburgh area.  They make a very good pilsner and their dark has won numerous gold medals at the World Beer Cup in Munich.  They have branched out into some seasonal brews over the years.  Nut Roll Ale and Pumpkin Roll Ale come to mind.  They have been less than stellar offerings that are what you would expect: sweet, one and done  type beers.  But, Penn Brewery has been making St. Nikolaus for years.  I look forward to its release every year.

This beer pours with a nice, strong head with a deep amber color.  You can smell the malty goodness that is associated with a good bock.  This beer starts crisp and has a nice malty finish, with a slight hint of the chocolate malt used in the brewing process.  This beer pairs well with holiday appetizers and meals and won't bog you down.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find this brew outside the Pittsburgh area.  Also, they make a limited amount.  So, if you see it on the shelf, buy a case for now and one for later.

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