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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Kiolbassa Smoked Beef Sausage

As I was walking through Costco a few weeks ago, I again fell victim to the end case display.  Lo and behold, the whole end case was pack full with these beauties...

Kiolbassa Smoked Beef Sausage, straight from San Antonio, Texas.  When it come to Texas BBQ, smoked beef links are right up there in my book.  Slow smoked then grilled, mild or spicy, beef links are part of any three meat platter that I purchase.  So, I just had to try these.

When I opened the pack, there was a nice garlic scent, followed by a fragrant undertone of oak, or perhaps pecan.  Either way, I liked what I was smelling.

These are a nice, large sized link.  Texas sized if you will.  Sausage buns only here.  A smaller bun just will not work.  I grilled them up, taking care not to singe them too much in the process.  I didn't want to shrivel up the casing to much, letting out all of the sausage juice goodness.  Here was the final product...

I placed my beef link on a sausage roll with some diced sweet onion and Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup, along with some of the outstanding Butter and Sugar corn from Ambrose Farm Market...

How were they?  The casing was a perfect crispiness.  The sausage had a nice garlic flavor and was seasoned perfectly.  The oak/pecan smoke added a nice touch to a great beef link.  Sadly though, if you are looking for spice, you will not find it here.  These are produced for the masses.  But, that does not mean I won't be buy these again.  But, I do prefer a little Texas spice in my beef links.

Overall grade: A-.  Points deducted for a lack of spicy bite.

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  1. Those sound good but Ms. Goofy just let our Costco membership lapse. We only went several times a year and they stopped carrying Bud.

    1. Not providing Bud is a good reason to buy a lifetime membership...

  2. It doesnt matter how you cook these things, they are still terrible. The casings are like chewing carbon fiber. Anybody that recommends this crap has been bought off IMO.