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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Moink Balls, a Holiday Appetizer Idea

A Moink Ball?  What is that you say?  Well, they don't come from little furry Moinks.  I am not even sure how the name got started.  What I do know is, they are little meaty treats packed with lots of flavor.

A Moink Ball is a lot like a Fattie.  You can use any meat, any spice, and any stuffing, just so that you can roll it up and wrap it in bacon.

For ours, I used sweet Italian sausage.  I cubed up some mozzarella cheese into bite sized pieces.  I did not add any rub to the sausage mix.  As you take a hunk of sausage goodness and roll into a meatball sized shape, I pushed a piece mozzarella into the middle so that you get a nice cheesy surprise when you bite into the middle.  For half of the treats below,  inserted a jalapeno slice along with the cheese for a bit of spice.

Once the balls are made, wrap with bacon and place on a smoker set for 350 F.  I used oak wood for this cook.  If you have never tried oak with sausage, you have to give it a try. They were made for each other.

Anyway, cook the balls for 45-60 minutes on your middle smoker rack.  After 45 minutes, start pushing down on the ball to check for doneness.  When the Moink Ball feels firm and the bacon is crisp, you are ready to eat...

Perfect, juicy, morsels of sausage goodness.  When the bacon is added, you will peg the taste meter for sure.

Make more than you think you need as they will go fast.  Serve with toothpicks and a dipping sauce.  I used a marinara for these.

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    1. Thanks. I am going to try a Sweedish variation sometime soon...

  2. Moink is short for Moo & Oink. Italian beef meatballs & bacon.

    Great website Bill. I plan on bookmarking it.

    Bryan McLarty
    BigFish BBQ

    1. thanks for the origin of the name Bryan. Makes sense. glad you like the site. Keep on visiting.