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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alabama White BBQ Sauce: Is Any Other Kind Needed?

When I went to Alabama to pick up the new trailer, I had a secondary mission: to try some Alabama White BBQ Sauce.  I have heard of it, but never got around to trying the stuff.  Jim and Nicks BBQ had some, so I got some on the side to try with my BBQ platter.  After trying, I was in heaven.  Creamy, vinegary, spicy.  Complex flavors all melded together that was perfect on my chicken.

So, I did some digging on the Internet for a recipe.  Here is the one I used from  It wasn't bad.  It was missing something, but it was very close.  I am going to meld this recipe with a few ideas of what I think it was missing (sugar for one thing) to experiment in the future.

So, very simple:

2 cups of mayo
1 cup apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
3 Tbsp ground black pepper
1 tsp Sea Salt
1/2  tsp cayenne

I cut the recipe in half:

Mix, chill overnight, serve with chicken.

For the chicken, I brined over night in a batch of Poultry Brine.  Pulled the birds out of the brine, patted dry, and rubbed with Stumps Platinum Rub under the skin, in the body cavity, and on the outside of the skin...

Three hours at 250 F with hickory and peach in the ashpan.  Top rack in a Stumps Stretch...

After about one hour...

Pulled the chicken off the bone and served with the Alabama White Sauce...

The pulled chicken goes very well with the sauce.  I even like this sauce on pulled pork.  

More on this topic in the future for sure.

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  1. We met Chris Lily at the Royal several years back. That inspired us to buy one of his white sauces. I will have to say that is was not bad but not something we liked. It just reminded me of salad dressing. That is one fancy BBQ rig you got there.

  2. Guess it is a matter of taste or perhaps finding one that works. But, I can see where you are coming from...

    Thanks. I can't wait to see where the rig leads us in the future...