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Sunday, February 12, 2012

BBQ Spare Ribs

Did some Super Bowl rib practice as well...

4 half racks. 

Sprayed down with balsalmic vinegar:


2 with Butchers honey rub, 2 with my knock off Rendezvous Rub. Overnight happy time.


After happy time...


Ruben over at BBQ Guam likes 2/3 Sweet Baby Rays 1/3 Catalina Dressing. So, I sauced one of each with that and sauced one of each with my Yuengling Lager BBQ Sauce.

4 hours at 250 with peach and hickory. Glazed. 30 more minutes.


The unanimous winner was Butchers Honey/Yuengling Lager Sauce. Sweet, tangy, with a nice bite...

Oh, and I did a pizza for the picky kids... ;) 


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