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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oinktoberfest 2013, Open Grilling

As is standard for New York BBQ contest weekends, there was an open grilling contest.  This was not a sanctioned NEBS contest.  Just six categories for fun, trophies, and a little bit of money for the lucky ones.

The four main categories this weekend were:

Chicken, any thing but wings
Pork, anything but ribs

Two ancillary categories were:

Anything Buffalo but wings
Wings, anything but Buffalo

Our weekend was mixed.  We came in fifth in the beef with our standard tri-tip recipe:

Pork was a tenderloin marinaded in a teriyaki sesame sauce, grilled to medium.  It finished middle of the pack:

We used the chicken as an opportunity to practice a bit for KCBS.  We did breasts in Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork and Chicken rub.  We loved the flavor.  It just might make it in to our KCBS recipe:

The chowder was a chicken, corn, bacon, jalapeno, Cheddar concoction.  We liked it.  The judges put it in the middle of the pack:

Wings were a smoked wing with Louisiana Licker sauce.  Again, middle of the pack:

Anything Buffalo but wings was Steelhead with a Buffalo sauce.  Middle of the pack as well:

In this category, I completely forgot about Beef on Weck.  One entry was a Beef on Weck pierogie.  There were also some Beef on Weck pizzas that rocked.  One thing that I did not know was that Loganberry are a "Buffalo Thing". The winner was a Loganberry cheesecake that scored a perfect 180.  Can't beat that.

Once I have some time, I'll be posting some of these recipes and trying out my own Beef on Weck pizza.

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