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Friday, July 26, 2013

Smoked Pork Chop Quiche

Quiche you say?  Fu Fu food?  Only if the ingredients are Fu Fu.  Besides, you eat those breakfast casseroles, don't you?  You know, the ones with sausage, cheese, and a ton of other ingredients.  All a quiche is would be a casserole in a pie crust.  So, on we go...

I had a left over smoked pork chop from the other night and some fresh tomatoes that were getting close to over ripe.  I stopped by the store and picked up some Jarlsberg cheese (swiss without the holes, but only better!) and a pie crust.  I stopped making homemade pie crust when my Mom declared the Pillsbury to be just a good as hers.  And you know what, she is right.

Since this was my first quiche, I needed a recipe for a base.  Here is the one I used from Southern  I followed this to the letter, but the egg/liquid ratio will be my base for future experiments.

So, I diced my pork chop, tomato, and onion.  Then, I shredded my cheese and made my egg mixture.  Then, I placed my crust in a standard size pie pan and started layering:

Then, into the oven at 375 F for about an hour.  I backed off on the temperature a bit so that I didn't burn the crust.

Let cool for 10 minutes then slice.  Served with a thin drizzle of sriracha sauce for some kick.

Outstanding.  the hickory from the smoked pork chop mixed with the Jarlsberg cheese perfectly.  I can't wait to try other combinations with fresh garden veggies as the summer progresses.

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