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Friday, February 1, 2013

Beef Rib Steak Review

A few weeks ago I was at my butcher, Dave's Country Meats, and he had some nice beef rib steaks on hand.  I purchased two for dinner and started a conversation with Dave's trusty sidekick Neil.  They only have the rib steaks when someone orders a whole or half of a cow for one of their freezer packages.  We both thought the rib steak is an underrated cut of beef.  For some reason, people don't want the bone.  Let Neil and I let you in on a secret: a rib steak is a Delmonico with the bone still attached.  The bone adds so much flavor than a regular Delmonico.  As this was locally sourced beef, Neil asked me for a review.  So, here it is...

First, I seasoned the steaks front and back with fresh ground pepper, sea salt, and garlic powder.  Do you see the Delmonico in hiding?

Charcoal was lit and dumped into the grill when ready.  I closed the lid on my Stumps Backyarder and let the temperature of the grill come up to 400 F.

I threw the steaks on direct heat for five minutes a side.  Here is the final product...

The steaks were a perfect medium inside.  Juicy and tender.  I will buy these for dinner anytime for sure.  We liked the flavor of the local beef for sure.  Much better than the mass produced beef you buy at your local supermarket.

By the way, picking up the bone and cleaning it off at the end is where the best meat is for sure.  And, it is fun as well...

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  1. It is great to have access to a good butcher. I get bone-in when ever I have a chance.

    1. I agree, bone in is better. I love my local butcher. Unfortunately, it seems to be a dying breed...