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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hudson Valley Ribfest 2014: KCBS Competiton

The Three Dogs BBQ road show packed up and headed to New Paltz, NY this past weekend to compete in the Hudson Valley Ribfest for the weekend.

So, after picking up some provisions at Dave's Country Meats...

... and some other odds and ends, we hit the road for the long drive out east.

We were the first team on site Friday, so it was easy to back into our site.  Was this a good omen?

The smoke was rolling on Sunday morning...

And we had a rather large dancing chicken next to us as well.

How did we do?  Well, the scores tell the story.

In the "it tasted better than it looked" category was our chicken box.

I've never had so may legs with split skin.  These were our best looking six legs.  But, the taste and tenderness was good enough to net us a 9th place out of 60 teams.  A good start to the day.

Next up, our ribs.

We switched to baby backs for this competition and the change paid off for us.  We garnered our best KCBS score of the year, good enough for a 12th place.

Then, the pork box...

We should not have put the money muscle in the box.  It was underdone.  But, my heart won out over my brain and we paid for the decision.  We took 45th place with this box.  Lesson learned.

Finally, our brisket.

After a bit of struggling this year, we changed our cooking method this time around and it helped for sure.  This box came in 7th.  Add it all up and we came in 17th place overall out of 60 teams.  Our pork definitely kept us out of the top ten and maybe even the top five.  It was just not to be.  What can you do?

Hudson Valley was our first competition in 2011.  This competition holds a special place in our heart since it was our first.  Also, Rolf and Stephanie do a wonderful job organizing this competition.  Keep up the good job guys.

Finally, congrats to all who walked.  Team Eatapedia, nice to see you end your mini slump and Shortsville Smokers on their top 10 overall.  Also, big congrats to our Grand Champion Ack-Que and Reserve Grand Champion Blazin Butts BBQ.

We are already planning our trip for next year.  See you then.

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  1. One of the first things I do to a money muscle is jam my thumb into it to check for mushiness. I can see were you are coming from that you spent a lot of time, money, and heart to produce this good looking entry. The judges tent can be harsh and we do not take these factors into consideration. I also noticed Rib 4 left to right looked like a pregnant lady compared to the rest of the ribs. What can you do? That is totally up to you. Strive for that brass ring. (Grand Champion). Oh, and try to have fun?

    I bet that smoked cheese from Dave's sounds great.

    1. Yeah, that rib was a bit oversized. It was from another rack. I put the best in the box for taste and tenderness first, looks second. I didn't think I got on judges today? As for fun, we always have fun, that is for sure. Walking is icing on the cake.