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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wings: PB&J Style

Whenever I go to New Jersey for work, I always go to the Black River Barn in Randolph for dinner.  They use real smokers, have wood fired pizza ovens, and a great beer selection.  Their Pulled Pork Nachos are to die for.  But, this time around, a new wing flavor caught my eye.  I give you the PB&J chicken wing.

The wing was cooked perfectly.  Crispy and crunchy as always.  But, the sauce was lacking a bit. Overall, not bad.  While it had the PB, the J was lacking.  The peanut flavor was nice and savory.  But, there wasn't enough jelly to determine the flavor used.  The sauce needed just a bit more sweet to balance out the savory.  I do believe this concept has possibilities.  I think I am going to give this a try at home.  What flavor jelly would you use?  I am thinking a nice hot pepper jam, but would be open to suggestions.  Does anyone have a suggestion or two?

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  1. Interesting concept - I'd love to give it a shot... maybe a fig chilli jam or something so it's not too sweet

    1. That is what I am looking for Gus. A bit of sweet and a bit of heat.