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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ohio Smoked Meat and BBQ Festival 2012: Nelsonville, OH

Last weekend we entered our final competition of 2012: The Ohio Smoked Meat and BBQ Festival in Nelsonville, Ohio.  It gave us one final chance for some fun and to hone our recipes in KCBS competition.

We invited a few good friends to come and join in.  Jack from North Coast BBQ Smokers couldn't make it due to some unfortunate circumstances and our old friend Kelly couldn't make it because his wife said so ;), but Big Bob stepped up to the plate and performed admirably in the role of sous chef for the weekend.  He is hooked and would like to start his own team, but will settle for living vicariously through me and Hope...

Bob really was a big help (even though it doesn't look like it above) since Hope's wrist is hurt and she really can't do a thing in the kitchen right now.

Now, to the review:

Good:  We posted our highest point total ever, 603.999.

Bad:  That was only good enough for 33rd out of 36 teams.  But, the field was stacked with great teams trying to get points in the final event of the Ohio Triple Crown.

Good:  We really improved our brisket score, raising it by 30 points.  We are really headed in the right direction in this category.

Bad:  Ribs were dead last.  Funny, we thought they would be our best score.  We loved them.  But, it just goes to show you, you have to cook for the judges and not for yourself.

Good:  We are even more hooked and determined to improve our scores in 2013.

Here are some pictures from the rest of the weekend:

More to come later!

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