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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homemade Portable Smoker

A friend of mine come up with the perfect idea by tooling around the internet and melding a few ideas.  I give you the Combination Portable Smoker and Grill...

In his words...

Here are some pictures of the smoker that I built.  As I said, it's basically a mini WSM.  I can't claim that it was my original idea.  I saw it on a WSM website and put my own spin on it.  The top and bottom are a Weber Smoky Joe grill and the middle is a 32 quart pot.  The pot fits in there like it was made for it.  I made some modifications to the pot and installed a thermometer in the lid.  The whole thing cost about $70.00.  The red paint is optional but I like the way it looks.  I used it once so far and it works well.  It wont replace my WSM and I know that it's no Stumps, but it's still good.  I figure it's good for traveling, it's about 14" across and about 30" tall.  It also gives me an option of having 2 smokers going at once at different temperatures.  Another good thing is that when I take the center section out I still have a small grill to use.

I did a little research and the 32 quart stock pot is the same as a turkey fryer pot.  I like the idea that you can either smoke or grill.  He also says that once you play with the vents, he can keep the temperature rock solid.  It inside has 2 Smokey Joe racks at different levels (if you look hard enough, you can see where they are from the bolts drilled in the pot).  He also puts a water pan on the grill top for moisture and to help regulate temp.

I like the idea and I have been looking for something portable.  I will be building one and will report back on the results.

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  1. what paint did you use for the pot
    and what did you do to the bottom of the pot to get the heat and smoke though any more links to how you made this please

    1. Hello. My friend used high temp Rustoleum paint. To remove the bottom of the pot, he used a grinding wheel, then sanded the rough edges until smooth. Hope this helps.