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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Stumps Junior

Well, our final piece was delivered the other day.  Our Stumps Junior.  Appropriately named, "Ole Blue"... ;)

The best part...

A nice sized ash pan that will fit 12 inch splits of smoking wood...

A chute that held a 15 lb bag of Stubbs Charcoal with room to spare...

3 racks, 21 x 21, perfectly spaced...

The racks will fit 2 half pans with no problem...

Capacity wise, the Junior will hold:

3 full packer briskets or 6 flats, maybe more.

9 butts comfortably, 12 if you squeeze a bit.

12 full racks of spares.  Not sure about baby back capacity.

The cooker has a baffle system that circulates the air evenly throughout the smoker.  A grease funnel system that drains into a drip pan on the bottom.

With a rack out, more than enough room for a beer can chicken with the top rack in use...

Overall, the Junior is a cooking machine.  Easy to use like all Stumps products.  A quantum leap over the Baby.  If you are in the market for a Stumps, this is a perfect intermediate sized smoker.  It gives you that room you sometimes wished you had with your Baby, but not too much.  Perfect for a small caterer.

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  1. VERY interested in this model in particular. the claim is that the cooking environment is "moister" and the the heat distribution is more even, which would limit/eliminate hot spots, etc.

    in the market for a gravity fed and this one is a STRONG contender. others in the running are a stretch and a assasin.

    1. Blake, the Jr is a cooking machine. Never used a Stretch, but I know those that have them love them. The Jr holds so much moisture in that when I open the door during a cook, my glasses fog up. You can't go wrong with either. Buy the biggest you can afford is the general advice. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.



  2. Bill. I am new to the BBQ scene. I am seriously looking at the Stumps jr. In regards to your reference of moisture within the smoker, when you cook a brisket can you produce a competition like bark?

    1. Yes you can produce a nice bark. When your meat rests, the bark sets up nicely. Don't worry. It is my favorite cooker of my 3...