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Sunday, December 20, 2015


This past week another member of the Three Dogs family, Jed, took that journey across the Rainbow Bridge.  So, sit for a spell and let me tell you about a dog named Jed...

Jed was the impulse buy at PetSmart almost one year after we adapted Jethro and Ellie Mae.  I was golfing and called Hope to tell her that I was on the way home.  I asked what she did during the afternoon and she proceeded to tell me that she picked up dog food, crickets for Henry, and a puppy.  "A what?"  I said?  A puppy she confirmed.  It was adoption day again at PetSmart, and he was so cute, and he whined when I walked away after petting him, etc...  All of you dog adopters know the drill.  So, now we had a 10 week old puppy named Scrappy.  But, with a Jethro and an Ellie Mae in the fold, the obvious choices were Jed and Mr. Drysdale.  Obviously, the better choice won.

Jed was born in the kennel after his mother was rescued off the street.  So, technically he was a rescue himself, but he never acted like one.  He was never centered on where the next meal was coming from, never begged for food, and while he was a loving dog, he only pushed you for ear scratching and was just as happy to nap in the sun.

Jed was a chocolate lab/weimaraner mix.  When he was younger he had those blue gray eyes and the smoky tint to his coat.  But, as he left puppy hood behind the eyes turned to brown and the smoky tint turned into a full chocolate tint.  The only weimar traits he kept were the long legs, the skinny chest, and the attitude.

While Ellie Mae was my dog, Jed was 100% Hope's.  Jed loved car rides, so if we went anywhere, he expected to sit in the front seat with Hope.  I kicked him to the back seat, but The Oldest two legged kid sat in the back seat more than once after loosing that battle with Jed.

Jed was also the inspiration for our team name.  People have asked where we came up with the name.  The obvious answer is that we have three dogs.  But, this picture was the spark for the name.

I looked out the back window one day and there was Jed.  A built in security system for the smoker.  Nobody was getting into the smoker for some smoky treats unless he let you.  Period.  At that point, the name was settled.

As I mentioned, Jed liked getting his ears scratched,

and laying in the sun.

But, he absolutely loved to play in the snow.

He would go outside and run around like a fool, chasing snowflakes until he was tired.  Then he would lay down in the snow and we would have to go drag him inside so he didn't freeze to the ground.

Unfortunately, the one lab trait that Jed developed over time was arthritis.  His hips were stiff and the act of walking, sitting, and getting up became harder and harder.  But, we got him some pills and he started moving around better.  Unfortunately, when Ellie Mae passed three months ago, Jed started to give up.  You see, Jed and Ellie Mae were thick as thieves.  They did everything together.  Jed knew that Ellie Mae was sick and laid with her until the end.  He never did accept her passing.  He ate less and less and moped around the house.  Fortunately, we had some warm weather these past few weeks and Jed was able to lay in the warm sun a few more times.

In hindsight, Hope and I truly believe that Jed died of a broken heart.  I know it sounds cliche, but it is unfortunately true.  So, now Ellie Mae and Jed are together again.  They get to lay in the sun and run together without any pain.  Someday, I will get to see them again and Jed will kick me to the backseat.  I will gladly sit in the back, scratch his ears, and smile...

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  1. Hey butlerQ... This is Kevin from the old stumps forum... My heart goes out to you but you'll always have the memories. God bless.

  2. Hey ButlerQ this is Kevin from the old stumps forums with the Red Dragon. My heart goes out to you. You'll always have the memories.