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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Keystone Classic State BBQ Championship - Harrisburg, PA

This past week, the Three Dogs road show packed up for the last time in 2015 to attend the Keystone Classic State BBQ Championship in Harrisburg, PA.  This is one of our favorite contests for many reasons, number one being that the contest also takes place during the International Livestock Show.

We have been lucky this year with weather over contest weekends.  Well, it was time to pay the piper this past weekend.  Rain.  Lots.  All weekend.  Cold too.  I forgot how many times I said I was freezing.  It was so bad at times, duck hunting gear was in order to stay warm and dry.

The weather was perfect for a judge to join us for the weekend.  A friend of ours and her husband, Tammie and Rich, cooked with us for the weekend.  Tammie cooked with us to receive her master judge certification with KCBS and Rich stepped up and cooked the ancillary categories that consisted of turkey and chicken legs.  Tammie was a huge help with all aspects of the cook.  Her insights into meat placement and flavor profiles while preparing boxes were most helpful.  If you are a team and have a chance to have a judge cook with you, I recommend doing so at least once.

Rich started off with the turkey legs.  He turned in these beautiful looking legs that scored a second place overall.  Good work for a judge!

Rich's call turned out to be the highlight of the weekend as we were shut out in the standard KCBS categories.

The turn ins above netted us a 31st in chicken, a 13th in ribs, a 46th in pork, and a 50th in brisket for a total of 41st overall out of 57 teams.  Not a good weekend for sure.  Overall, I thought it was one of our better cooks for the year.  But, we hit two tables of death which did not help with scoring.  What can you do?  That just means we have some practicing to do over the winter to get back to our early 2015 form.  Congratulations go out to Checkered Flag 500 BBQ, our Grand Champion and to Meat Wagon BBQ, our Reserve Grand Champion.

Thanks to all that have supported us this year.  We hope to see everyone back again next year when we hit the road in 2016.

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