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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hudson Valley Ribfest - New Paltz, NY

Last weekend, the Three Dogs BBQ road show hitched up the trailer and headed out east to take part in the Hudson Valley Ribfest.  It is very hard to believe that past weekend was our fifth time to compete in the HVRF.  This was our first contest and therefore competing here is somewhat special to us.  This past weekend was no different.

On day one, we participated in the New England Barbecue Society grilling competition, the categories being the usual pizza and apple dessert and the other two being wrapped in bacon and sliders.

Seventh place pulled pork pizza.  Think Mc. Rib on a pizza crust.

Wrapped in Bacon was a bacon wrapped grilled cheese.  Good for 19th place.

Slider turn in.  Beef sliders with sharp cheddar and burnt onion bacon jam.  Yes, we realized too late that the buns were too big for the box and we had to do some trimming.  This entry was good for 16th.

We invited Red Valley BBQ to cook with us and make their famous apple pie cheesecake. I imagine in the picture below Sean was explaining that this dessert was a slam dunk...

Well, we came in last with this entry.  28th out of 28.  We liked it.  Oh well.  Perhaps bigger things were in the cards for Red Valley BBQ...  We finished the day 22nd overall out of 28 teams.

On day two, we competed in the KCBS competition.  This features the standard entries of chicken, pork ribs, pork butt, and brisket.

Chicken is our most consistent category, usually finishing in the teens or higher.  Not this weekend.  This box was good for 37 out of 57 teams.  I thought it was one of our better chicken efforts this year.    It was just not meant to be.

Lots of winter time practice is paying off in the summer with ribs.  We have been surprising strong in a category that was a bit of a weak one for us in the past.  The above entry was good for 8th place.

Pork has been good to us this year as well.  The box above was good for 4th place for the day.

Finally, our brisket.  This was one of the best looking brisket boxes we have turned in this year.  But we live and die by our brisket.  Today was not so good.  Every brisket is different and this one was done real early in the morning.  It was a tad overcooked and we took a well deserved 38th out of 57 teams.  Add it all up and Three Dogs finished 22nd out of 57 total teams.

Huge congratulations go out to Red Valley BBQ for their first GC.  Sean and Adriane have been on the competition circuit for eight years and the hard work is starting to pay off finally.  It is great to see good friends win.  It made the day even better.

Congratulations also go out to Smokin Boys & Hot Grills, our Reserve Grand Champion.  With a GC in Ottawa the week before, Greg is on a bit of a roll.  Keep it going!

Next up for Three Dogs is the Finger Lakes Fire and Smoke BBQ Festival in Geneva, NY.  Rikk promises to have a great first time competition this year on the lake.  If you are looking to enter a competition over the Labor Day weekend, this event might just be for you.

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  1. You were robbed with the bacon wrapped grilled cheese. The police and fire chief must of been competing. Did you make the burnt onion bacon jam? Again with the cheesecake, I would sell my house to taste that. Damn Judges.

    1. Chilebrown, the bacon jam was homemade. It is very good and there was a full fledged brawl for the leftovers. I will be posting the recipe and some comments soon.