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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Covington Cork and Pork Festival - Covington, VA

Two weeks ago, when we were at the Wilson competition, we were contacted by fellow NY competitors Red Valley BBQ.  The Covington BBQ competition was short a few teams to be a Royal and Jack qualifier.  If we arranged for loaned cookers and helped you out with equipment, would we consider entering.  In a strange turn of events, Hope and to convince me to go.  But, after some discussion, we decided "Why not.  What is the worst we can do?  Finish last?"  So, after dropping the trailer off at Shortsville BBQ World Headquarters in anticipation of the upcoming Lake Placid event, we put what we could in the truck and set our sights on the Covington Cork and Pork Festival in Covington, VA.

After driving through the wilds of West Virginia (I do believe I saw Ned Beatty running into the woods), we set up cam in downtown Covington.  Old school, complete with EZ Up, bus pans, and the old Three Dogs banner.  Borrowed smokers that we had never used before from 270 Smokers, loaned knives other assorted pieces of equipment.  What could go wrong?  

It was a bit on the hot and humid side.  But that was taken care of by thunderstorms in the middle of the night, right in the middle of our cook.  This bucket was about empty the night before.  Do you think we got a little rain?

But, we weathered the storm and the morning dawned cooler, if not a bit misty.  Time to get ready for turn ins.  

After tuning the the brisket box, I had time to snap a picture of the BBQ Rich and Famous.  Not everyone has to deal with the heat.  But, lets move on to the scores, shall we?  

Not our best showing, but very good considering that we were using smokers that we had never cooked on before.  The boxes above were good for an 18th in chicken, 14th in ribs, 12th in pork, and 15th in brisket.  This was good for an overall 17th place, out of 25 total teams.  

I have to say the the 270 Smokers were very easy to get the hang of in short order.  They hold their temperature steady and recover fairly fast after opening and closing the door.  A big thanks go out to Terry and Stephanie for loaning us the cookers!  We would also like to thank Sean and Adriane for helping us out with whatever equipment we have have forgotten.  

Finally, we would like to congratulate our Grand Champion, Smoke-aholics and our Reserve Grand Champion, Checkered Pig.  

In closing, for those of you who hit the Table of Death (7 out of the bottom 9 pork scores), some of you twice, we feel your pain.  We are fortunate to have escaped with a decent chicken score.  

Next up, the I Love BBQ Festival in Lake Placid, NY.  See you there.

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