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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Prosciutto, Peas, and Parmesan

I am happy to say that our garden is starting to produce.  The other night, we had enough snap peas for a meal.  Or, should I say, enough made it into the house while Ty and Hope were picking them for a meal?  Either way, I thought long and hard about how to prepare these little sweet treats.  Prosciutto jumped to mind.  Something salty and crispy would complement our peas nicely.  Off to the R&D kitchen!

First, I put four ounces of finely diced prosciutto into a sauté pan on low heat.  At this point, I am trying to warm up prosciutto and render out the fat so that the peas will sauté nicely.

While this was going on, Hope was nice enough to prepare the peas for cooking.  She pulled the string off of the edge and rinsed to remove any dirt.

Once the fat had rendered from the prosciutto, I turned the heat up to medium to start the crisping process.

Once I started to get some crisp on the prosciutto, I added the peas.  During the cooking process, I stirred well every 30 seconds or so to ensure even cooking and prevent burning.

After about five minutes of cook time for the peas, they were done.  At this point they were tender crisp and had a bit a caramelization from the prosciutto fat.  I added three garlic cloves through the garlic press and I also tossed in the 10 leftover green beans from the night before, then mixed well.

Onto the plate they went.  I then topped with some crushed red pepper flake and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

Outstanding.  Just enough flavor and crispiness from the prosciutto to complement the snap peas.  The Parmesan cheese on top brought it all together.  I served with crusty bread and a side salad for a nice, quick, and healthy week night dinner.  More from the garden as the summer continues.

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