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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roc City Ribfest 2013

Well, we made it back from Rochester no worse for the wear.  While the temps were in the upper 50's to low 60's, the 20-30 mph wind made it brutally cold.  But, we made it through.  After a bad showing in NEBS on Saturday, I was wondering why we do this.  But, after the KCBS team meeting that evening, I realized that we do this for charity.  Every competition uses the KCBS competition to pull in money for their charity.  Roc City raises money for the Ronald McDonald House. A family that had used the house this past winter came to the meeting and thanked all the teams for what we do and for helping them to raise money to run the facilities.  That is all I needed to know.  Add in family and fun, and I am in a better place when it comes to competing.

To summarize, we had our best competition yet.  Out of 81 teams, we finished very well:

The scores above were good for (out of 81 teams):

Chicken, 18th place.  Good for our first KCBS call and ribbon!
Ribs, 66th place.
Pulled Pork, 63rd place.
Brisket, 27th place.
Overall, 44th place.

A little work on the ribs and pork and we should be doing a lot better for sure.

Roc City Ribfest 2013 Full Results

Here is the weekend in pictures.  Click to start the show...

Roc City Ribfest 2013

Finally, some shout outs:

Thanks to Brian, Joe, and the whole Roc City crew for organizing a great contest.  We will be back next year for sure.  

Thanks to our neighbors Jimmy and the Squealers, The 5th Artery, and Babylon Grillbillies for being great to hang with and helpful as well.  

Finally, congrats to everyone who got a call and to Fatback Joe's for winning Grand Champion (cooks on a Stumps GF223), but specifically to Fred with All Fired Up and Kicking Ash.  He had a great weekend with the awards cooking solo.  Hats off for the hard work.  

Next up, Western New York BBQ Festival.  Hope to see everyone there.

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  1. "I was wondering why we do this?" Because we love the smell, the taste, the process, the camaraderie, and sometimes victory. We love to spend countless hours practicing and trying new rubs,sauces and techniques. We love it when our neighbor tells us we should bottle, sell,and is the best ever. We love meeting a complete stranger and we are best friends because of barbecue. A very important reason is charity. The Barbecue community is a generous and compassionate group. These are only a few reasons why we do this.

  2. You know Chiliebrown, I couldn't have said it better. thanks.