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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hot News! Competition Categories to be Modified!

I just heard that a sanctioning body for BBQ Competitions has decided to change the categories teams are to cook for competitions in 2013, starting immediately.

The new categories are:

1.  Non-specified Chicken Meat Product

May be breaded or battered.  Frying acceptable.  Only has to consist of 50% real chicken.  Extra points awarded for artistic nugget shapes.  Dipping sauce on the side is mandatory! (may not consist of a Ranch base).

2.  Formed Pork Product (Combination of old Rib and Pulled Categories)

May be in patty or "fake" rib form.  No bones allowed, Country Style ribs are acceptable.  Overly sweet and spicy sauces are mandatory and should be added to the extent that they are pooling in the bottom of the container.  Meat should be over cooked and mushy.  Buns may be used as garnish.

3.  Fake "Beef"

"Beef" burger, can be made of soy, beans, tofu, or any other plant based protein.  "Grill" marks may be painted on the patty.  "Meat" in loaf form acceptable for turn in as long as six pieces can be identified.  Excessive condiments or sauces encouraged to add flavor.  No seasoning with beef based rubs or injections allowed.  

4.  Mystery Meat

Must be highly processed and in tube form.  May be beef, chicken, or pork based and must only contain 50% real meat with the other 50% containing lips, hooves, and beaks.  Tube meat with natural casing or kosher products forbidden.  Must provide ten meat samples and eight buns for turn-in.   

In a related note, propane grills will be the only approved cooking source as well...

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and being a good sport.  Happy April Fools Day!

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