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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sam's Club National BBQ Tour: Canton, OH

I had the distinct honor of being a guest cook for North Coast BBQ Smokers this past weekend at the Canton, OH Sam's Club KCBS event...

We had an outstanding time cooking, even though it was blazing hot and being on an asphalt parking lot did not help.

Jack, the team captain, is a seasoned Memphis in May cook, winning numerous awards.

Here are the results from the weekend out of 27 teams:

Overall 16th
Chicken 10th (Three Dogs BBQ recipe)
Ribs 24th.  We did not sauce which may have been a problem.  It seems that KCBS like a bit of sauce. Jack is a Memphis Man and dry ribs are the way to go down there...
Pork 17th.  Again, no sauce.
Brisket 17th.  Kurt, our brisket man, did a great job.  I am definately going to try some of his techniques in my next practice sessions...

The most important thing is that we had fun cooking and hanging out.  With a bit more practice, we will do better in the future for sure.

Here is a slideshow with all of our pictures:

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  1. This is so cool Bill. Must have been a great experience. Love the pics also.

  2. It is tons of fun Rueben. Especially when you are around good people. I have not met many people at these comps that are not nice...

    Do they do something like this on Guam?

    Thanks for stopping,


  3. It was a great time, Bill. Awesome job on the chicken! I learned some valuable lessons about cooking in KCBS. I'll definitely use sauce next time. Those Memphis style ribs didn't please the judges, but they were damn good to eat!

    1. Thanks Jack. The ribs rocked. I'd eat them anytime. We'll definitely have to do this again!

  4. Bill, every year there are numerous grilling competitions here on Guam. The biggest drawing about 21 teams but the prize money is usually about $10-$15,000 due to our sponsors. But that comp is maybe every 4-5 years. Most of our annual comps are 5-10 teams and smaller prizes. But you know how comps go, great fun, people and food. Can't lose!!!

  5. Absolutely Rueben. Good times and good fun with good friends and family...