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2012 Competition Schedule

Roc City Rib Fest

Rochester, NY
Starts: 05/26/2012
Ends: 05/27/2012

Three Dogs BBQ:

Roc City Rib Cookoff, 54 out of 109
KCBS, 74 out of 80
Full Results from the Weekend

Boston Hills BBQ Fest

Boston, NY
Starts: 06/24/2011
Ends: 06/25/2011

Unfortunately, we could not attend due to circumstances.  Hope to be there next year...

Sam's Club National BBQ Tour (with North Coast BBQ Smokers)

Canton, OH
Starts: 06/29/2012
Ends: 06/30/2012

Hudson Valley Ribfest

New Paltz, NY
Starts: 08/20/2011
Ends: 08/21/2011

Three Dogs BBQ KCBS:

14th in Chicken
24 in Pork
40th overall

Three Dogs BBQ NEBS:
3rd in Chicken Wings
10th overall

Full Results Here

Ohio Smoked Meat & BB Festival

Nelsonville, OH
Starts: 10/19/2012
Ends: 10/20/2012

Three Dogs BBQ KCBS:
19th in Chicken
36th in Ribs
27th in Pulled Pork
25th in Brisket
33rd overall

Full Results Here

Hope to see you in 2013...


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